HCG Diet

Today is my 12th day on the controversial HCG Diet. I have to say I am quite impressed. I have lost 9 1/2 pounds so far! I have been following Dr. Simeons diet protocol to the letter as he had written in his book “Pounds and Inches”. It is the easiest and quickest weight loss I have ever experienced in my 40 years of life! This man is a freakin genious!!

It began with my Mother telling me about a “new diet” her Chiropractor was treating his over weight patients with. As she described the diet details, I was immediately intrigued. Patients were to put these HCG drops under their tongue, eat less, and the pounds fell off at a rate of 1 pound per day! WOW! Where do I sign up?! Then she dropped the bomb……his fee for this amazing weight reducing diet = $400 big ones!! And that is for 3 weeks! If you have more to lose after that…. you guessed it, another $400 for 3 more weeks (called “rounds” in the HCG world). Now being on a tight budget and trying to survive in this economy there is no way I could swing that. It was a huge disapointment.

The whole concept consumed my thoughts for days until I broke down and decided to do some research and find another way. I googled HCG, I read every advertisement, blog, article, you name it! I found other local businesses that were also offering the HCG Diet in which some were asking up to $1,200 a round. Absolutely criminal! So maybe I could just get the “stuff” online and do it myself? Turns out that even GNC carries HCG drops for a price of about $75 = big difference! More research!! I soon learned that too many people have jumped on the band wagon and are selling HCG drops that dont even contain real HCG! You can find a ton of info at this forum http://www.hcginfo.com, they also have an amazing support group. I was lucky enough to find a RN, that used the diet herself and was now helping others for a resonable cost in my town.

HCG, short for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin is a hormone found in pregnant women that when taken allows a person to survive on a low calorie diet (500 calories) and in which case they are able to lose on average about a pound or two a day, all the while maintaining a healthy physique and not experiencing the usual hunger pangs that accompany many diets. You can read more about it by clicking here on the title “HCG Diet” up at the top of the page,¬†and if you are thinking about starting the diet yourself please read it and get your HCG from a reliable HCG supplier (preferably a Doctor) and learn everything you can about it!.

So why didn’t I lose 12 pounds in the 12 days that I have been on it? Simple, I didn’t follow Dr. Simeons protocol to the T. Let me explain that from the beginning it was my determined will to do just that. I was a newbie and made one or two mistakes. For instance, I mixed my veggies at one of my meals (thats a no no), and one day I only managed to eat around 300 calories which produced a stall in the weight loss.